Balloon - Rainbow Chevron 17 x 28 cm

Balloon - Rainbow Chevron 17 x 28 cm

  • UV-resistant spinnaker cloth or SunTex polyester cloth
  • hanging wind chime
  • 3.5 cm (basket) 10 x 35 cm (spiral) rainbow


Bring with our Wind Chimes and Windsocks even more color and joy in your garden, on your terrace your balcony, your sand castle on Norderney or wherever you like. There are no limits to your imagination - you have a multitude of different design options.

So they can be diverse - all the wind chimes and wind socks in our range have one thing in common: they are extremely decorative, durable and spread a good mood even in cloudy weather.

Our high quality and weatherproof wind chimes and wind socks are made of tear-resistant UV-resistant SunTex polyester cloth or spinnaker cloth, with detailed applications, floor dowels and break-proof fiberglass rod (standing motifs) or swirls (hanging motifs).

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