Climax winch set 25 daN

Climax winch set 25 daN


The LONG-LIFE LEINE - state-of-the-art technology - made with the new stretching process!



5 times higher abrasion resistance than a comparable Spectra line thanks to CSP technology, fiber protection finishing (climax PROTEC process), excellent aerodynamics, pre-stretched, finest braiding, extremely thin and smooth, impregnated and polished


Technical specifications:

-            Material coramid

-            25th  Dan

-            red CSP-refined

-            very scrubbable, extremely pre-stretched

-            RTF sets (including multi-winder, cords are coated 4 x and looped ready to fly



The following cord strengths are available: 25 daN, 60 daN, 80 daN, 110 daN, 160 daN

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