Lycos 2.0

Lycos 2.0


Due to the slightly increased AR (aspect ratio), the  Lycos converts the wind into speed even more efficiently and pulls loops through even richer. In the first tests in strong winds, the 200 km / h limit has already been exceeded!  You can be curious!




So equipped  the Lycos can develop its impetuous power and speed even in medium winds. Plenty of opportunity to really work out as a pilot. Because a noble bolide also needs a noble garage, the Lycos was given a very classy bag - it's just a shame that the Lycos doesn't have a lot of time  will spend in it. 


Because of the enormous speeds and pulling forces that this kite develops  The Lycos is only recommended for experienced pilots! 


Made of Ventex: Lighter, faster in acceleration, larger wind range, less bitchy in gusts - incredibly light-footed.


The profiles are supported by a strong nylon thread in the edge. As a result, the profile is neatly formed right from the start. Higher profile accuracy means higher efficiency, which results in more speed and more powerful traction. The whole thing is called Profile Support - hence the addition PS in the name.


A nice side effect is that the profile support can also optimize the scales without additional

Libra legs to generate additional harmful resistance. We achieve a further increase in the flyable wind range.


• thin, low-resistance profile
• raised screen for more power
• thinnest "Dyneema" balance cords
• V-profiles to reduce the balance cords