Paraflex 2.3 Sport Trainer Kit

Paraflex 2.3 Sport Trainer Kit


Is it too strong or are you too weak? For everyone who likes power and strength. The focus here is on quality and reliable pulling power.

The three-line system is also easy to use. If the pulling force is too strong, let go of the bar, the kite folds up and lands safely.

At 6 Bft wind speed, the Paraflex develops a pulling force of 150 daN.

Span : 230 cm

Wind range : 2  until 6  Bft

Scope of delivery : - 1 Paraflex 2.3

               - 2 x 150 daN flying lines and 1x75 daN brake line Dyneem lines

                - Bar system

               - Good flight loops

                - Everything you need to know in the enclosed instructions