Safety leash

Safety leash


The safety leash, also known as the kite killer, is used for safety while flying a kite or steering mat. Should you ever get into a dangerous or confusing situation, you can simply let go of the kite and it will slide safely to the ground. This prevents you from endangering yourself and others. There is also the positive side effect that your steering mat cannot run away as soon as you let go of your steering bar.

To use the safety line, simply attach it to one of the lines behind the handlebar using a bay knot. In addition, you attach the Kite Killer to your wrist with Velcro. If an emergency situation arises, you can simply let go of the handlebar. Your kite will lie on its side and fall relatively gently to the ground as it is only hanging on a line. If you have to part with your kite abruptly, pull the red "panic loop", which then loosens the Velcro strip from your wrist at lightning speed. The Velcro fastener also adapts perfectly to your wrist, as it is universally adjustable and therefore sits very comfortably.


Colour: Red Black
Size: 80 cm
Material: polyester

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