Wasabi 2.4

Wasabi 2.4


For those changing and moving up - speed, maneuverability and traction, these are the trademarks of  "new" wasabi that  Have completely redesigned Spiderkites for 2018.


The profile support ensures better dynamic flight, even at low wind speeds and in a lot of wind for an extra boost in thrust. All sizes are very balanced and are very friendly with gusts. We therefore recommend the 2.0 and especially the 2.5 without restriction for inland use.


And those who prefer things small and mean, choose 1.5!


Construction, choice of materials and solid craftsmanship make the "new" Wasabi a long-lasting piece of sports equipment,  which never gets boring.

Size :  240 cm x 77 cm

Wind range : 2  until 6  Bft

Scope of delivery : - 1 Wasabi 2.0

               - 2 x 35 meters of 145 daN Dyneema lines

               -  padded loops

                - Everything you need to know in the enclosed instructions


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Long cord may cause strangulation.

Risk of electric shock! Do not use in the vicinity of high-voltage overhead lines or during thunderstorms!