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Hi! Welcome to our website!

Farbenfroh Spielzeug, Souvenir, Bekleidungs und Drachen Shop am Südstrand, Burgtiefe, Fehmarn.

Here we are

Lenkdrachen fliegen am Südstrand, Fehmarn.


  • Contact person and organizer,

  • Enjoys his sweets every day,

  • Loves kiting, kite flying, fishing, playing on the beach and kayaking.

Junge Frau am Strand.


  • Connection to the European, American and Asian market,

  • Designer / very talented artistically,

  • Loves sunsets with a cold beer and finds inspiration on the beach.

We do what we do best and stay true to our beach life.

We founded our company with the idea that life on the beach is more beautiful and fairness lasts longer.

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